Procurecon Indirect West 2018

September 24 - 26, 2018

JW Camelback Inn Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, AZ


Day Three: Wednesday, September 26, 2018 | Hand In Hand: Transformation, Innovation and Supplier Collaboration

8:30 am - 8:35 am Welcome Remarks

8:35 am - 8:45 am Chairman’s Remarks

8:45 am - 9:10 am Keynote Presentation: Procurement: Champions of Digital Transformation

Shara Holliday - Director, Strategic Sourcing Microsoft Connie Chou - Director, Procurement Operations Microsoft
By leveraging emerging technology, Procurement teams have countless opportunities to digitally optimize the Procurement function. Learn what digital transformation is, areas of industry focus, and how you can champion transformation within your procurement function to improve customer experience, drive operational efficiency and ultimately, greater business agility.

Shara Holliday

Director, Strategic Sourcing


Connie Chou

Director, Procurement Operations

A critical component to bringing change and value is innovation - but you can't do it alone. Working closely with suppliers to propel your products or services into the future is vital, and knowing how to do it is no longer a mystery, as these leaders in procurement innovation discuss what it takes to get moving.
  • How to identify and find innovative suppliers in new markets
  • How to encourage existing suppliers to be the potential source of new products or services
  • How to become a customer of choice when dealing with highly innovative suppliers
  • How to think small and get big results by collaborating with start-ups

Tracy Joshua

Vice President of Procurement, Indirect
The Kellogg Company


Sean Hobday

SVP Global Sales & Operations and Chief Global Officer


Patrick Fogarty

Senior Vice President
Williams Lea Tag


Lukas Forney

HR Benefits Sourcing Manager
Intel Corporation

9:50 am - 10:15 am Case Study: The Real-Life Impact Of The Blockchain Boom

Joseph Martinez - Chief Procurement & Financial Operations Officer MUFG Americas
Beyond financial services, blockchain technology hasn’t found wide adoption. However, there can be many uses for procurement that are transformative - digital, secure payments being just one. Learn just what blockchain can do for your function from a Chief Procuremet Officer implementing this new and fascinating technology , and gain a better understanding  of how you can prepare to use it, unlock its potential and make the leap.

Joseph Martinez

Chief Procurement & Financial Operations Officer
MUFG Americas

10:15 am - 10:55 am NETWORKING BREAK

10:55 am - 11:20 am Presentation: Impact Sourcing: An Introduction

Erin Lambert - Global Head of Sourcing Bloomberg
Impact sourcing is the practice of intentionally hiring and providing career development opportunities to people who otherwise would have limited prospects for formal employment. Erin Lambert, a global sourcing leader at Bloomberg and Chair of Global Impact Sourcing Coalition Steering Committee, will discuss ways that you can incorporate impact sourcing into the supply chain of any organization, regardless of size or spend.

  • How to get started with impact sourcing
  • Methods to ensure impact sourcing vendors are held accountable to the same level of quality as other vendors
  • Future of impact sourcing

Erin Lambert

Global Head of Sourcing

Having a diverse group of suppliers can provide the expertise and innovation needed to outperform the competition, and an effective supplier diversity process can have a powerful and positive effect on the strength and loyalty of any organization’s consumer base - but to implement a strong supplier diversity program, an organization must create specific business classifications that define supplier diversity and a well planned selection process. Creating opportunities for diverse suppliers takes work and patience to ensure success, however, so in this panel, explore the essential keys and benefits of supplier diversity that will get you doing and getting the right thing.

  • Bringing smaller, more agile companies into the fold to propel innovation
  • Encouraging larger strategic manufacturers to partner with smaller businesses and offer lower pricing
  • Displaying your organization’s commitment to doing business in multicultural markets with rapidly growing consumer groups

Jeffrey Smith

Global Sourcing Director, Indirect Materials and Services


Fernando Hernandez

Director, SC&O Indirect Supply Chain
The Boeing Company


Joshua King

Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer
American Water Company

These interactive roundtable sessions take a deep dive into the specific areas you came to learn about. Sit and learn in an intimate format from the speakers who have had an impact on their company and industry. Take control of your own event experience and don’t be shy! Ask questions (or answer them!) alongside other conference attendees who are dealing with the same challenges as you network with industry peers with very similar challenges, interests and responsibilities.
1.Innovative Contracts and Negotiations Methodologies
Matt Yancy, Contracts and Negotiations Manager, Intel Corporation

2.Strategy in Supplier Relationship Management
Trupti Marshall, Former Vice President, Supply Chain, ABB Optical Group 

3.GDPR Readiness
Elaine Gu, Sr. Manager, Procurement, Alteryx

4.Change Is Good: Procurement Transformation
Dan Linney, Director, Procurement , Delek US Holdings, Inc.

5.Do The Right Thing: Corporate Social Responsibility
John Proverbs, Head of Procurement , KLA-Tencor 

6.Stay Nimble: Procurement Agility That Supports The Business
Eric Strom, Vice President of Procurement, Mattress Firm

7.Working With GPOs
Barb Sexton, 2018/2019 President, ISM-Arizona

8.Applying collaborative Analytics & Natural Language Processing In Procurement To Provide Recommendations To Procurement/Logistics Optimization
Babu Kuttala, Group Vice President , Advance Analytics Solution Delivery, ABB

Trupti Marshall

Former Vice President, Supply Chain
ABB Optical Group


Dan Linney

Director Procurement
Delek US Holdings


John O. Proverbs

Head of Procurement
KLA-Tencor Corporation


Eric Strom

Vice President, Procurement
Mattress Firm


Barb Sexton

2018/2019 President
ISM Arizona


Babu Kuttala

Group Vice President , Advance Analytics Solution Delivery


Matthew Yancy

Business Operations Manager, Corporate Strategic Procurement
Intel Corporation


Elaine Gu

Senior Manager, Procurement