Procurecon Indirect West 2017

September 18-September 20, 2017

JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, AZ


Myles Peacock

Myles is the CEO of a global content production company, CreativeDrive, located throughout the U.S., Latin America, and Asia. CreativeDrive focuses on producing content smarter by building end-to-end efficiency into the creative process. Peacock joins CreativeDrive from Omnicom Group's global implementation and production agency, where he was President, Americas, Global Brand Leader and original Worldwide COO and Co-Founder. He has accumulated over 20 years marketing communications experience whilst living and working in Asia, Europe and North America.

1:50 PM Panel: Get The Cost Out!: Reducing Cost When Supplier Rates Have Been Fully Exploited

You think about it everyday - how can I increase the value I get from key suppliers? In this panel, go beyond the traditional rate discussion and learn how partnering with your strategic suppliers to reduce their cost instead of reduce their margins can have major benefit for the bottom line. Key topics include:

  • Where is the waste in supplier processes that could be eliminated? 
  • What reporting do you require of your suppliers and how effectively is it used? Reducing the reporting requirements and/or changing the frequency can take cost out. 
  • SLAs requiring immediate delivery of products make the supplier stock a full inventory - reduce the SLA to only key products, reducing inventory requirements.
  • Examine your contracting requirements to see what Ts and Cs could be increasing your supplier’s costs – see what could be modified to take cost out!
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