Procurecon Indirect West 2017

September 18 - 20, 2017

JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, AZ


CPO Study 2015: Gauging the Priorities and Goals of Chief Procurement Officers

CPO Study 2015: Gauging the Priorities and Goals of Chief Procurement OfficersCPO Study 2015: Gauging the Priorities and Goals of Chief Procurement Officers
This research study allows the reader to analyse the Priorities and Goals of Chief Procurement Officers! They discuss the following topics:
  • Where is procurement headed?
  • The next generation of procurement talent
  • Managing contractor relationships and minimizing risk
  • How technology is evolving
  • The rise of SaaS solutions
  • What is causing disruption around procurement?
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Executive Summary 
Helming a movement away from a traditional back office role, the CPO is rapidly becoming a trusted and integral member of the C-Suite within forward thinking businesses. Procurement, having proven the ability to create savings, is now looking to go further towards unlocking value. This includes looking at categories of indirect spend that may not have been scrutinized before, working more closely with other business leaders, as well as participating in discussions related to the general direction of the business.

The evolution of the CPO’s responsibility extends downward through the entire procurement department, creating a new focus on hiring for internal salesmanship and so called “soft-skills” aligned around the need to sell procurement’s value. The ability must be recognized by other leaders as consultative, and not intrusive in order to foster effectiveness. Through bringing in talent with the ability to communicate across departments, that point can be clarified and embraced.

Leaders are also actively engaged in streamlining the tactical workloads faced by departments, turning to technology in order to create the means for more strategy development. This includes thinking seriously about the implications of SaaS solutions, as well as managing the risks associated with suppliers in order to protect the organization. Both vetting and negotiating around these solutions means staying attuned to how contracts, and business environments
at large will continue to change.
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