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Beyond Analytics Everywhere: Augmented Analytics, the next Step in Procurement Evolution

This succinct but informative report will give you a glimpse into the rapidly developing digital world presented by two JAGGAER executives. You’ll learn from the leaders in Intelligent Analytics exactly what you can do now to develop your digital capabilities to become future-proof.

Resiliency in the COVID-19 Age

Sourcing strategy can serve as a powerful tool for building a more resilient organization. Within this report, you'll learn from John Piatek, Chairman of GEP's Global Thought Leadership Council, as he takes you through the ways the the procurement function can help your business weather the storm and avoid the worst impacts of 2020's challenges. Claim your copy now!

CPO Study 2021: Persuasive Sourcing Effectiveness Among Disruption and Shifting Priorities

Procurement’s role in supplier selection encompasses more than simple cost-management. Risk management, quality assurance, innovation, and strategic development are all important aspects of the function that come from supplier diversity initiatives. In this edition of ProcureCon and WBR Insights’ CPO Study, we explore how much success Procurement leaders have experienced with the tools and strategies they have currently deployed for supplier management. We’ll also learn which aspects of the business these leaders would like to improve, what barriers are preventing them from reaching their goals, and what they foresee in the future for their sourcing speed initiatives.

Key Steps to High-Impact Procurement Transformation

In many organizations, procurement has been a primary driver of cost savings. But we often treat it as an afterthought. Sometimes, procurement may not have a seat at the table at all. As we’re maturing within organizations, there’s value beyond savings that procurement can contribute. This report takes a look at supplier relationship management from the perspective of governing with suppliers, And giving them all opportunities to grow and improve relationships with them.

COVID-19 Category Update: Helping Leading Enterprises Worldwide Achieve Extraordinary Results

When COVID-19 struck in March, procurement professionals had to decide how they would react. By mid Q2, U.S. GDP had fallen by over 30%. Upon assessing what they have learned since that time, the experts at GEP realized how this was going to effect the industry in the long term. This report explores how leading companies and the resources can take proactive measures as they work within this new paradigm.

Your 2020 Playbook for Technology Sourcing Strategy: ProcureCon’s Annual CIO-CPO Study

Continuing our annual series of C-Level Procurement reports, this edition of our CIO-CPO study follows the development of key relationships between Procurement and IT leaders. You'll hear from several thought leaders, as well as discover stats that cover year-over-year progress of the function. Claim your copy now!

Accelerating Growth with Customer Interaction Analytics

How can Procurement apply digital transformation to the processes their internal customers use every day? Within this case study, you'll hear how R Systems and Strategic Link were able to join forces to implement AI and ML tools that drastically improved  customer outcomes within a growing fin-tech firm.The latest in technology can supercharge your ability to analyze customer interactions and improve outcomes. Grab your copy of this report to learn how! 

Cognitive Procurement and the Implementation of AI and ML

AI and ML are enabling a new style of procurement. Learn about how cognitive procurement can transform your organization when you claim your copy of this exciting new research report! 

Your Strategy Guide to Unlocking the Strategic Value of Spend in Times of Business Uncertainty

Gaining the right insight is a key part of navigating business uncertainty. In this report from Coupa, you will learn how past precedents can be applied to create a resilient approach for your procurement team that will deliver value far beyond 2020. 

Procurement in the Driver's Seat: Delivering ROI Through the Procurement Function

Procurement's journey to influence within their organizations is partly based on the language and metrics they use to express their value. In this new report, you'll discover what tools and techniques can help keep Procurement in the driver's seat, growing their strategic influence within the organization. 

Simplify Risk Management Across Procurement Processes

The growing pace of business, rapid economic changes, and increased regulatory requirements call for supplier risk management to become a natural part of the procurement process to avoid damage to your revenue or reputation. Yet supplier risk management remains tough to do because risk due diligence tends to be a sporadic process. Manual risk scoring, which is costly and time consuming, makes it almost impossible to stay well informed about suppliers or market signals. And with risk information being fragmented across processes and systems, unintentionally engaging at-risk suppliers becomes more likely, which may lead to serious supply chain disruptions. Protecting your organization against supplier risk means that your buyers need to be able to make smart, safe, informed decisions during supplier selection, qualification, and segmentation. And they need to be able to detect early warning signals and proactively monitor risks for each supplier engagement during the procurement process.

Competitive Differentiation

The gap between “Buying at Home” vs “Buying at Work” has never been larger than it is today. While B2C eCommerce continues to evolve at a hyper-accelerated rate, enterprise procurement solutions haven’t really evolved much since 2002. Corporate procurement is at a crossroads. They have invested heavily in technology solutions intended to drive efficiencies only to realize that they are no closer to achieving the goal of maximum spend under management. Procurement needs to be maniacal about the user experience and ensure that Procurement deploys tools that users will actually adopt. With e-commerce sales continuing to be a major part of retail buying, end users expect a similar experience when they do their purchasing at work. Users want to have an experience like they get at Amazon, Airbnb, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List, among others. That experience starts with a strong search capability and an overall process that occurs within a single site, i.e. without punching out to another site to complete the purchase.

The 2019 ProcureCon CIO-CPO Study

New for 2019, this year's edition of the CIO CPO report focuses on the strategic changes procurement is putting into place in order to meet their IT peers half-way. Strategies around risk mitigation, the development of expertise, and AI and ML integration are all looked at in this exciting new edition!

ProcureCon Digital Summit - June 2019

Let's get digital!At ProcureCon Digital Summit, we'll give you the tools you need to transform your organization into a digital powerhouse.Sign up for this live digital event and get the scoop.Psssst... you don't even have to attend the live sessions if you don't want to! You'll get the on-demand recording as long as your name's on the list.

Turning Digital Disruption into Procurement Innovation

In this new report, you'll learn about how Procurement leaders are turning the imperative to digitally transform into a springboard towards opportunity. Don't miss these insights taken from a live webinar and distilled into this easy to digest report! Download your copy now. 

Aravo Is A Leader Among Supplier Risk And Performance Management Platforms

Aravo started in 2000 as a pioneer of supplier information management for large global enterprises (GE was an early customer) and has since evolved into a comprehensive, flexible SRPM platform. Large, complex global enterprises should consider Aravo for its configurability to combine central data collection with business-unit-level risk assessment. It has good functionality in all parts of SRPM with superior capabilities in risk assessment and orchestration of performance improvement. Aravo’s main drawback is that it is a standalone tool, not a full sourcing suite, which limits its market: Many enterprises will prefer an incumbent’s SRPM module if it is good enough. Another concern is that it is smaller than many of its rivals, so it may struggle to invest enough in ongoing innovation. There is a risk that competitors will catch and overtake Aravo in key areas, such as the use of AI for real-time risk monitoring.

It All Starts With Your Procurement Data

The beginning of any journey in indirect procurement is capitalizing on your procurement data to understand organizational performance as well as to shape both goals and opportunities. Historically, indirect purchasing has been responsible for the procurement of non-production materials (NPM) and services. Unlike direct purchases that have a relatively constrained supplier base and a controlled or planned use of parts, indirect procurement has almost an infinite variety in parts and supplies that can be bought from tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of suppliers. With so many supplier options out there, how does an organization stay on top of their indirect procurement? The answer: data.

Risk Monitoring: Riding the Wave of Change

Are you ready to ride the wave of change? This new report from Lexis Nexus will show you how to improve your risk monitoring and stay up to date on the market changes set to impact your organization the most. 

Supplier Risk Management in Direct Procurement

Direct procurement risk must be avoided in order to circumvent serious business disruptions. In today's volatile market, that can be easier said than done. In this new report, GEP shows you how you can develop best in class protection for your direct procurement strategy. 

Supplier Management in a Turbulent Global Economy: Studying Challenges Impacting Direct and Indirect Procurement

This new research study contrasts the challenges facing both direct and indirect procurement within the context of global business. You will discover how your peers are managing their supplier diversity and mitigating risk while ensuring business continuity. 

How to Improve Travel Management Cost-Savings

The days of quick wins and sweeping savings in travel management are probably over. If you’ve not already been through multiple cost-saving initiatives, you’re the exception rather than the rule. So when the pressure is on to drive further cost savings in your travel programme, what can you do?In this guide, we’ll take you through ideas to reframe the cost-saving conversation at a strategic level, as well as techniques for budgeting to maximise your cost controls and tools to help you benchmark your travel budgets.

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