About Procurecon

Interactive. Peer-Led. Fun. ProcureCon events give thousands of practitioners the tools and strategies they need to become expert strategic sourcing and procurement executives. With 11 events in North America, our portfolio covers trends and pain points across all industry verticals-- ProcureCon content is unmatched! More than that, we’re a community that makes it easy to stay connected to the pulse of procurement all year round.

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A Customizable Experience

It's YOUR conference. Interact and network with anyone at any time during the event. Choose from a multitude of interactive session formats in both large and small groups, so you won't just be talked at for 8 hours a day. It’s completely up to you.


Forward-Looking and Objective

We don't chase trends, we stay ahead of them. Our agendas are built through months of market research and interviews with procurement practitioners to make sure they reflect today & tomorrow's core challenges and opportunities.


For All Levels of Procurement

CPOs love ProcureCon. Rising stars love ProcureCon. Fortune 500s love ProcureCon. So do startups. That's the beauty of being both inclusive and senior-level – catch up with your peers, learn from the biggest names, and help those with promise move forward (maybe even scout some new talent?). We’re here for you at every stage of your career.


Actually Enjoy Your Time OOO

Your ProcureCon experience doesn't just include learning and connections; you'll also savor the best local food and cocktails, face your fellow participants in friendly games, and revel in famous receptions!

A Rich History

ProcureCon started as a single conference in 2001—a direct materials purchasing event for manufacturing companies. Procurement has changed drastically since then, growing more and more important in companies’ corporate structure. ProcureCon has grown right alongside the industry into a series of events that addresses upcoming trends and challenges across specific category needs.

Our attendees ask, and we listen.

First, they asked for an event that fit their busy schedules. So in 2011, the ProcureCon Indirect event split into Indirect West and Indirect West to give procurement practitioners a choice to attend in the fall or winter. These events are big picture, senior-level, strategy-setting educational and networking events that cut across all industry verticals.

At these events, attendees wanted to dive deeper; they asked for more content specific to the complex categories they manage. So ProcureCon launched category events for Marketing, IT, Travel, Contingent Labor, Direct, Pharma, and more (our list keeps growing each year!), as well as ProcureCon Canada which serves the specific needs of Canadian procurement practitioners.

Our events are built on our community’s feedback – from agenda, to structure, to scheduling. It’s truly a place for procurement practitioners to come together and learn from one another.

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