Speaker Opportunities

WBR organizes highly focused conferences that deliver timely, objective, accurate information and business solutions to its conference delegates. WBR is equally committed to ensuring that its conferences facilitate informal information gathering and network creation.

The ProcureCon Indirect conferences are created through extensive research with industry practitioners, which then get filtered through the ProcureCon advisory board of 25 procurement executives to determine the final agenda.

Taking on an active role at the event gives you an unparalleled opportunity to meet like-minded professionals, and share your stories on what others can learn from your successes and the challenges you’ve had to overcome to transform your company’s procurement function.

The value attendees get from expert speakers come from sharing your experiences in an interactive format, not through excruciating PowerPoint presentations. You may choose to share your experiences through a variety of conference session formats:

  • Panel Discussions
  • On-Stage Interviews
  • Case Studies
  • Interactive Roundtable Discussions
  • Executive Think Tanks (limited to the most senior conference attendees)
  • In-depth Workshop & Training Sessions
  • Practitioners-Only Working Group sessions
  • Focused Networking Activities

If you are interested in being a speaker or participant at any of the ProcureCon events, please call Frank Musero, Executive Director of ProcureCon events

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Jennifer Platt
Phone: 646-200-7461
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