My ProcureCon Story by Melissa Burkland

Melissa Burkland

Melissa’s ProcureCon Story at a Glance:

First Year Attended: 2013

How She’s Participated: Attendee & Speaker

ProcureCon Indirect Highlights: The Roundtables, where the discussions get heated and I get to field some tough questions about my own strategic approach to the business – it feels good to be challenged!

I’ve been attending the ProcureCon Indirect conference for years – these are my people, this is my community!

I was first asked to speak at a ProcureCon Indirect conference in 2013…and have been hooked ever since! The event has evolved into more than just a meet-and-greet of procurement professionals. I’ve noticed that in the past few years, it has become a cohesive community of peers who are genuinely interested in sharing ideas – what’s working, what isn’t, what technologies should we be using. I use my time at the event to make as many connections as I can. And then leverage these connections to get more benefits from my service providers!

It’s not about competition – it’s about collaboration!

Procurement is a niche part of any business – many of us don’t have colleagues within our own companies to sound off ideas and strategies. We really have to rely on each other when it comes to best practices and implementation. This is why I value the community feel at the ProcureCon Indirect conference. The networking sessions, the group discussions, the presentations – they’re all designed so I feel connected and well-informed.

I’ve made friends, not acquaintances… In fact, I’m scheduled to meet with my ProcureCon ‘colleague’ to discuss and evaluate her ideas. There just wasn’t enough time to finish our discussion at the event! And the added bonus of all these connections? I leverage them to drive more benefits from service contracts!

Prepared to be challenged by your ProcureCon comrades!

I’ve been a presenter at the ProcureCon Indirect conference a few times now and I’m often on the hot seat. I field a lot of questions about the things I’ve done and I love it! Like I said, the procurement role can be a lonely position within any company, so it’s a real pleasure to finally be among your peer group. At ProcureCon, I’m constantly engaged in conversations where I debate best practices and share insights.

It’s only been a month since ProcureCon Indirect East…and I can hardly wait to attend the Indirect West event in September!

I love collaborating, sharing, discussing….and this is why I love attending the ProcureCon Indirect West events! It’s the three days away from the office where I finally get to spend time with likeminded professionals – people who are invested in improving business and driving the industry forward.

ProcureCon is not just an event…it’s MY community of peers where I am challenged to think better, do better.

Melissa Burkland, Corporate Purchasing Director EMEA / Americas, Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation

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